About Loanbuzz

What is Loanbuzz?

Loanbuzz was created with one mission - to remove the problems faced by consumers applying for loans they may not be accepted for.

In the UK only 51% of personal loan applications that are approved have to be at the representative rate offered initially by the lender. While we can't change the rules that govern this, we can change how consumers see personal loans and that's where Loanbuzz  comes in.

When you search for a personal loan with Loanbuzz, you do so without affecting your credit score so you can look at different personal loan amounts and terms and see the lenders who will approve you for a personal loan before you apply.

Our smart matching technology connects you to lenders who want to offer you a personal loan, and you can apply with confidence knowing you will be accepted.

You're in good hands

Loanbuzz is founded by experienced people from the world of financial services and financial price comparison.

We’ve worked for the likes of MoneySupermarket.com, MBNA, MoneyExpert, Virgin Money, Barclays, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Tuxedo Money.

This means we understand the consumer need, the challenges in the market, and how we can solve those challenges using smart technology.

We use this smart technology, and an ecosystem of supportive partners, to take the pain out of searching and applying for loans, enabling lenders to find the customers they want, and customers to find the right loan for them.

We're choosy about who we work with

Every lender we work with is a reputable company, fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We know they’ll treat you fairly and be transparent.

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